21 Ways to Enjoy Solitude

Do you find yourself constantly busy; not a minute of down-time available? Worse yet, do you find that you don’t even know where your time goes? I think it’s important to create moments that allow you to decompress. Be intentional about this! Your mental health may depend on it! It’s hard to be alone. Solitude can be scary, but it can also be practiced, and you know what they say about practice? Practice makes perfect! The enjoyment of solitude can be learned!

After my divorce, my heart ached at the thought of being alone on the weekends the kids were at their dad’s place! During my 25-year marriage, there was only one 4-day weekend that my spouse took the kids on a trip. That’s it, 25 years…that’s the only time I can remember having to myself, in my home. It was awkward & I really didn’t know what to do with myself. However, as much as I love my kids, I love having some solitude, too. It took practice. Lot’s of it! It did not happen overnight! It took finding out who I am, what I enjoy doing & doing those things.

This week’s purpose is to plan some solitude time into your week. I like to call my planned time, “Solitude Sunday.” You pick what day works best for you so that you can be sure to honor that time! Say yes to you!

Here are some ideas if you’re like most women who haven’t taken time out for themselves & don’t even know where to begin!

  1. Get out for a walk or go for a workout. Happy hormones will be abundantly produced. That reaps benefits far beyond the sidewalk or the dumbbells!
  2. Hit the nail salon for a mani/pedi, or lock yourself in the bathroom & give yourself one.
  3. Cozy up under some warm covers & read a book or favorite magazine. Is there a favorite bookstore in the area that you enjoy browsing. See if there is something you’d like to add to your collection. Or, catch up on your favorite shows.
  4. Take a long, warm bath. Light the candles, pour yourself a glass of wine (if that’s your thing), and you choose…sit in silence, or grab your iPad & catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Apply a face mask, Don’t forget to moisturize when you get out! Winter skin care is vital!
  5. Journal – be alone in your thoughts. You can freely write whatever is on your heart, or be more intentional. Create a list of goals & bullet out the steps it would take to reach them. After all, goal-setting without a plan is just wishing.
  6. Need a good laugh? Watch some funny YouTube videos or go to a comedy club. Or, if you get the comedy stations on Sirius radio, take a little road trip & enjoy some laughs along the way.
  7. Coffee or tea lover? Go to a nearby café & just be still. Bring a great read along & just enjoy your solitude. Or, you can pop in your earbuds & if you’ve brought your iPad along, take advantage of the free wi-fi and research something you’ve been wanting to learn more about.
  8. Research & find a new motivational affirmation for the week. Post that affirmation everywhere – in your car, in your cubicle, on your bathroom mirror, or wherever you will have a visual of those affirmative words that will inspire you to love & take care of yourself!
  9. Write a handwritten letter to someone you care about! This is so old-school, but will bring so much joy to someone when they open up their mailbox; especially if you have an elderly friend to send that letter to.
  10. Music – does music bring you great joy? Have you downloaded that favorite new album to your Spotify account yet? Yes, but you haven’t had time to listen to the entire album. Take that time! Focus! Music can truly feed the soul.
  11. Create a playlist that will lift your spirits! Just search out whatever you’re looking for on your music app & download your soul food.
  12. Try cooking a new dish. Pour yourself a glass of wine & cook away. You can double up, taking advantage of this time, but cooking enough for meal prep.
  13. Take a nap! Yes, a nap! That’s self-indulgence to the greatest degree! Love it!
  14. Listen to a favorite podcast or and inspiring Ted Talk.
  15. Cozy up & work a crossword puzzle, Sudoku or word find. Your brain needs simple, relaxing exercises like that. You can pick up some at the Dollar Tree.
  16. Draw freestyle or in a coloring book. Those can also be picked up at the Dollar Tree.
  17. Create a vision board – live on purpose! What goals do you want to achieve this year, over the next 2, 5, 10? Put that in pictures & have that visual where you can see it every day. It will make such an impact on your success.
  18. Volunteer – I realize you might not be alone for this, but you can go alone & you might just be surprised & make new friends! Research some opportunities in your area that will allow you to give of your talents or activities you enjoy doing. Love reading? Go to a nursing home & read aloud. Love gardening? Find a local organization that assists the elderly or disabled. They can certainly hook you up with someone who would love to  add some curb appeal.
  19. Watch a documentary. There is always something new to learn.
  20. Go to the movies! Yes, alone! It’s ok! I’ve done it, do it, will continue to do it! Just think you get to pick the movie/time & date, you don’t have to share your popcorn. Hehe
  21. Saving the best for last. No, just kidding, I just didn’t want you to click the back button or exit from my site. Clean your home, or declutter a room in your home, or rearrange a room in your home. Play your favorite tunes & go at it. It feels so refreshing to have a new look, or achieve that “less is more” feeling.  Achievement is empowerment, no matter what it is you achieved!