Hi! I’m Brenda Giel, a super proud, single, hard-working momma with four kids…two still at home & two spreading their wings! I love to travel, and I am an inspiration consultant! (for lack of a better term!) It warms my heart to see women strengthen their inner-being & build their confidence! For far too long, we’ve been made to feel that everyone else’s needs come before our own & we give up way too much of ourselves!

For forty-something years, I tried the people-pleasing, perfectionist approach to life. What sucked me out of that lifestyle, was experiencing a relationship with a narcissist. The only good thing to come out of that, is that I now know how to spell narcissist! Ha! Being in, or leaving that relationship, taught me how to value my self-worth more than anything in this world! I’m not trying to be perfect for anybody…including myself! I’m not perfect, by no means, but I’m a woman who is always learning & growing. I think that’s what this journey is all about.

The Rise-Thrive Site

Why am I here? I’ve asked myself that a multitude of times. I started the Rise-Thrive site after departing from an emotionally abusive relationship (what did I know…my counselor actually had to point that out!). I NEVER thought I’d find myself in such a place. I thought I was smart enough to know better, certainly self-confident enough, right?! I still struggle to understand how this could have happened to me?!  The truth is, I didn’t see things for what they were during the relationship, and for months after my separation. I have done my research, girlfriends! I have seen the light! The devaluation period is the roughest season you will go through…yes, that’s what a narcissist does to you, they “devalue” you…but, only if you let them. Your other option is to Rise & Thrive!  Listen to me. You are never going to get, nor do you need an apology! If you do get one, it will not be genuine & you will be set up for another sucker punch! Don’t do that to yourself! You are worth so much more! I know it’s scary, but I know that creating a new life, a life with the absence of abuse, can allow you to create a life you love!

I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned, is to never let go of yourself! Don’t ever stop living your own life! Yes, there may be spouses, children, friends, co-workers, and all kinds of distractions in your life, but don’t ever find a disconnect with yourself! To prevent that, you need to stay in touch with yourself! You need to establish a healthy balance with fillers from all aspects of your life. I hope I can encourage you to do so & provide great resources for you to create a life you love! 

That’s my goal here…to help you create a life you love!

I long to help you find joy in your journey! Hang with me!

Great things to come!