Domestic Violence Awareness

I don’t really know where to begin, so I’ll just begin here, in the midst of my recovery. You see, I didn’t always see things as they were & it took a lot of courage to face my situation. It took the nudging of a great counselor. She saved my life…the very core of my being! I don’t know exactly what it was that drove me to seek her assistance, but I know I spent years trying to understand the deeply rooted angst I felt inside myself during the relationship with the man that would become my second husband.


I wish I could piece it all together, but from the very beginning of my relationship I never felt right, yet I denied that gut feeling & spent years trying to figure things out, make things right, convince myself that I could “fix” things. This is typical of many women, especially those of us that are very empathetic.


There are so many levels of abuse that can occur in a relationship, and every victim’s story, or experience, is unique. The truth is, I don’t feel I can give you the information you deserve on my own, so I’m going to direct you to the best source of information that I’ve found on the web.


If you are the victim of domestic violence, or want to get a better understanding of what abuse looks like, exactly, maybe this is the site for you. I was being abused in some ways & didn’t even realize the behavior was defined as abusive. If you’re not feeling right, maybe this will help you in the same way it helped me. Listen to your gut! It knows!


Though I thought I’d share my dark story, I’ve decided to focus my blog on the lighter side, encouraging and inspiring you to build and live a life you love! I hope you find helpful, positive resources that lift you up! 

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Many blessings!