How to Create a Bucket List (aka – Live a Little List)

My “Live a Little” List

Ladies, if you aren’t living an adventurous life, there’s no time but the present to start doing it! The degree of adventure is up to you, but you’ve got to create that “live a little” list & enjoy all the little moments this life has in store for you. Stop, in each one of them, breath & take it all in. Every moment, every breath – from the very first to the last – is a true gift! Receive your blessings & bless others in their moments! 

Adventure doesn’t have to be exotic, it just has to fill your soul! Live your best life & do it on purpose!

Here’s some of the things I have on my “Live a Little List:

  1. Participate in a polar bear plunge – don’t even ask! I really, really don’t like to be in the cold! Perhaps it’s the challenge of it! Ha!
  2. Watch the sunset & sunrise in one day – sounds pretty simple, but sadly, I’ve never taken the time to be on purpose with this one!
  3. Find the end of a rainbow – yes, some people chase tornadoes, but I prefer the other side of things…the end of a rainbow; the beauty after that storm!
  4. Spend the night in a treehouse – There are some really cool places out there! Check them out:
  5. Send a message in a bottle – save one of your wine bottles or purchase a corked bottle from a craft store & write an inspiring message to send out into the universe. Ask the recipient to place the message back in the bottle & send it along for another recipient to find.
  6. Get kissed under a waterfall – or, maybe behind it! Seems like under it might be a little painful. Hehe
  7. Go skiing – I’ve been on the water, but never down a snow covered mountain. Actually, this almost terrifies me, so to be honest, I’ll probably make it to lessons on the bunny slope & call it “done.”
  8. Volunteer in a third world country – we are so blessed to be here in America! Until you’ve visited a third world country and have seen the level of poverty that can exist there, it is hard to connect to. I’ve been there, and it was the most humbling experience of my life. To give back, in just a small way, would be a blessing. If this is something that calls to your heart, there are organizations you can find online, or perhaps you find the opportunity through your church.
  9. Write a book – I’m not sure exactly what this looks like, but I sent it into the universe on a water lantern at the end of last year & it’s on my list!
  10. Ride in a helicopter – missed my chance in New Zealand, so still on the list. Again, I think it’s one of those things that terrifies me, so it’s all about conquering my fear!
  11. Skydiving – even more so!  I think I’ll save this one for last…just to be sure I have the chance to knock the others off my list. T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D!
  12. Go camping with my best friend – pick a spot & yes, glamping counts!
  13. Camp out in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere – yes, please! Again, glamping counts – bring that air mattress! LOL
  14. Build a fort out of pillows & blankets (as an adult) – remember when you were a kid & this was the greatest thing ever?! Let that inner-child out & do it as an adult! Have fun! Get those flashlights out & make your finger puppets!
  15. Camping in the backyard – ok, this might be roughing it! Especially if you live on a 60 foot lot line like I do! Those neighbor’s yappy doggies are going to go nuts with this one!
  16. Go on a stargazing date – yes, out in the middle of nowhere…lights off! Stars only!
  17. Cuddle next to a campfire – quiet, cuddling moments surrounded by simplicity can make life the best!
  18. Have a beach bonfire – better check permits! No arrests! 🙂
  19. Have a movie in the backyard night – yes, this sounds amazing! Pull out the lounge chairs, set up your white sheet & your projector & enjoy your backyard movie night. Don’t forget the snacks!
  20. Have a romantic dinner on the beach – ok, I know, I know…all I can imagine is a  mouth full of sand, but still…it stays.
  21. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands – this also can work well with a Nerf dart, or pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey style if you are leery about throwing the dart or want to use a sticker instead.
  22. Take a road trip with no planned destination – see, not exotic, but how exciting is that?!
  23. Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight – ask a stranger where they’re headed & hope aboard their flight, or take alphabet beads in your pocket & pull one out. Pick a destination that starts with that letter. This will take some courage!!
  24. Travel somewhere new every year – This doesn’t mean you have to end up on the other side of the world. It may mean you take a drive down a street, right there in your town, you’ve never taken. Just expand your mind, your boundaries…that’s all this is for!
  25. See the grand canyon – it is called grand for a reason!
  26. Go to Colorado – It’s so close, but I’ve never been. It’s a day’s drive & I’ve never been. I have a fire burning in my heart to get this one off the list this year. 2019 – it’s happening – sending that out into the universe now!
  27. Go to Italy – I want to make a wish in trevi fountain, ride in a gondola & stand in the midst of the roman colosseum. I want to drive the Amalfi coast & drive through the Italian countryside. I’m keeping my eye out for best deals. Here are two sites that can help you with your “Live a Little” list if you have travel destinations on there: or you may have guessed it,
  28. Go to Alaska – I may not like the cold, but Alaska would be worth the visit…probably in the middle of summertime, but worth the visit. If I’m lucky, I’ll knock #29 off my list…
  29. See the Northern Lights – if Alaska doesn’t get me there, perhaps #30 will…
  30. Go to Iceland – while I’m there, I can’t miss out on soaking in the hot springs!
  31. Visit Ireland – incredibly beautiful! While there, I want to see Heaven’s Trail! I love a beautiful night sky!
  32. Go to Fiji – I don’t know why, but this has always been at the top of my list. I can take #33 off my list, too…
  33. Sleep in an overwater bungalow – ok, this is purely for facing & overcoming fear! I’m sure it’d be beautiful, too. But, my greatest fear is of drowning, so I’m not sure I’d sleep, but this is my challenge. I think facing challenges makes you grow.
  34. Reach my goal weight – ok, I’m sure I was there once upon a time! Ha! It’s important to take the time to focus on caring for yourself & that includes your physical well-being. Make your workout an extension of your workday. Either stop at the gym on your way home, or when you get home, you get immediately into your workout gear & hit the pavement. Don’t shortchange yourself! You are just as important as anything or anyone else! Take care of you!
  35. Be able to run a mile easily – anyone who knew me as a child will appreciate the humor in this one! I HATE running! I ran the mile as a freshman in high school. Once, and only once, I placed. I placed third – there were only 3 runners in that meet! So, I’m leaving this one on my list. I might skydive before I achieve this one, but I’m going to try anyway! LOL

So, it’s Sunday evening & a beautiful day, so I have no reason to not attempt #35!

I wish all of you many blessings! Make YOUR list & share your ideas here! You never know who you may inspire.