Love Day Done Right!

Love Day Done Right!

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away?! Are you ready for it? Yikes!

First, let me say…I loathe the commercialized symbolism that has been placed on this holiday! Let’s take a look at where this whole “love crazy” holiday began.

The holiday has origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. The festival, which celebrated the coming of spring, included fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery.

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Excuse me…the pairing off of women and men, by lottery?! No thanks! {typed out with a little chuckle behind the scenes!} However, I totally love the idea of celebrating the coming of spring! Ha!

So, this year, I’m going to try really hard to honor the idea of the holiday. No, I’m not asking to be paired off with some man by lottery! Haha! This year, I want you to consider joining me & shifting your focus a little. This year, instead of focusing on whether or not you are paired off with someone, try focusing on loving yourself first! That’s right, I said, first! Why?! Because when you feel loved, you will have love to give away! Girl, you need to love yourself first, because you are the only person you will spend the rest of your life with! Think about that! That is powerful!

14 ways to love yourself!

  1. Treat yourself to a morning coffee! Sit & savor it, separate yourself from the world for just a quick 20 minute break – put that phone away & just sit, be still, and enjoy some solitude!
  2. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers! Hello…you don’t ever have to wait for Valentine’s Day for this pick-me-up. If they’re pretty & they fit in the budget, buy those beauties!! You are allowed! Don’t be letting those vases sitting under your kitchen sink to collect dust! Put ’em to use! You know they’re down there! I do it from time to time, just because a beautiful bouquet will catch my eye!
  3. Make a gratitude list – you can write this in a journal, or write it on your heart! Think of all the people & things you have to be grateful for! You will be amazed at the wonderful feeling you have when you count your blessings.
  4. Take a nap or commit to retiring early. Get your beauty sleep. You deserve it! Don’t you always feel better when you’re well rested?!
  5. Girl, get your girlboss playlist out & get a workout in! At the gym, hit the street, whatever this looks like for you, be sure to take care of your physical self. My favorite…Supergirl – Radio Edit
  6. Pull out your most recent book find or your favorite magazine & cozy up under a blanket for a good relaxing read.
  7. Take some time & enjoy a favorite hobby! I always feel confident when I complete something – even if it’s something as simple as a homemade card. Do something you love to do!
  8. Set up a breakfast, brunch or lunch date with a friend, or make a new friend. Nothing wrong with building your community! At least you have control over that vs. being paired off with a partner via lottery! LOL…sorry, still chuckling!
  9. If you’re lucky enough to still have one here on earth, enjoy an outing with your mom.
  10. Treat yourself to a spa day! Go glamorize those nails, girl! Double the pleasure and book that appointment with a friend, your mom, or make it a sister outing. (If finances are tight, you can do this in your own home by picking up your nail care needs. (Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of champagne or wine.)
  11. Cook dinner! Pour yourself a glass of wine & whip up your favorite meal!
  12. Soothe the day away by enjoying a nice warm bubble bath!
  13. Sneak away to a favorite spot, lay out a blanket & just be – still. No distractions. Just enjoy yourself. Watch the clouds go by, do some people watching, read, nap. You can do whatever you want! It’s your time!
  14. Take the day off & sneak off to the movie! Shhhh…I won’t tell! If you don’t feel like going it alone, talk some of your girlfriends into playing hooky!
  • Isn’t It Romantic…looks adorably funny!

ISN’T IT ROMANTIC – Official Trailer

So, now that you’ve loved yourself a bit, let’s share the love.

14 ways to share your love with others!

  1. In line at the drive-thru: look in that side-view mirror – see that customer – treat them to their next coffee or lunch. Yes, I know this can be scary! Go ahead, turn around & make sure it’s not a minivan filled with 6 hungry children! (That’s funny!) But really, you are going to lift that person’s spirit more than you could ever know! Kindness matters!
  2. In line at the grocery store – same drill. See someone that you think might need a hand? Pay for their groceries. Again, spirit lifter! You can even find someone who needs assistance with their shopping – this comes from a vertically challenged person.  So yes, if you have them, then you need to know – your lengthy torso & arms are appreciated!
  3. Sneaking off to the  movie? Pay for the ticket of the person in line behind you!
  4. Visit a nursing home. Y’all, loneliness can be a silent killer! Either go it alone, or take your “mini me(s)”, but stop in at a local nursing home & ask the staff if there is a particular resident that could use a visitor. Or, visit a group of residents. Read to them or do some storytelling. Listen to their stories. Amazing!
  5. Have a neighbor in need of a visit? Do they need some help around the house? Perhaps you can offer them both company & support.
  6. Make a telephone call to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Yes, that’s right, I mean actually use your voice, instead of your thumbs! Don’t you think those stubby little things need a break from time to time?!
  7. Bake some goodies & take them to a local school. School admin & teachers really give so much of themselves. They could use a little love…ok, a whole lot! They spend more time with your little monsters than you do! I’m just sayin’!
  8. Write an encouraging note of hope, or thanks, & drop it off to a friend or co-worker. Kind words can go a long way!
  9. Buy someone else a bouquet of flowers! I did this once & randomly selected a woman sitting on a bench outside the store! She was so fantastically happy!
  10. Did you cook dinner for yourself?! Take those leftovers to a neighbor or friend in need.
  11. Create a care basket, filled with lots of goodies, and drop it off at a local first responder location…bonus, men in uniform! Haha! 
  12. Volunteer at a local charity! Nothing fills your heart more with love & gratitude, girl! We were made to be generous! For my ladies who’ve experienced abusive situations, seek out a local women’s shelter to help out. It will feel so good to give back in an area that you’ve been impacted.
  13. Send a care package to a deployed service member.
  14. Go through your closet & donate some of your unwanted, but in great condition, dresses or dress clothes to a local women’s shelter. They can be used for job interviewing or help a woman create a work wardrobe.

Love Day Is For Everybody!

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